Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Twenty-Six: A Love/Hate Relationship

Since the first day that I brought Ollee home, she has both loved and hated the hair dryer.  When it gets turned on she is immediately in the bathroom.  There are days when she fully attacks the air blowing out, and other days where she leans against me and just loves the warm air on her fur.  This love comes in handy considering that she has very thick hair, and tends to stay wet.  She'll let me completely blow dry her fur!  The hate toward the hair dryer is something that does get in the way when I am drying my hair, and she decides to attack it...and my head is in the way!

The Love

The Hate

Not sure if it's love or hate, but I love the I had to share :)


  1. ha. I laughed, literally out loud at that hate picture. LOVE the open puppy mouth, and I can actually hear the growling.

  2. I really should video it took awhile to get the hate picture, she'll do that and then be all loving, then attack! It's really amusing every morning!