Monday, January 3, 2011

Day Three: Awaiting a Rent Check

Today, Ollee got her new's bloody HUGE!  But it will be perfect when she gets full grown.  Luckily there is a divider, so she will hang out in half of it, until she grows a bit! :) Now she doesn't have to hang out in a kennel that's too small for her anymore!  This kennel is 30 inches high, if that helps in seeing how large she is at 3.5 months!  As it turns out, this new kennel is so large that it cannot stay in the livingroom.  So I have moved Ollee into the spare bedroom (formerly the boxes/storage room)...she'll have to get a job soon, so she can start paying rent!

She climbed right in and sat down.  Not a very artistic photo, but it's the happening of the day!

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