Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day Thirteen: Living Life to It's Fullest

Today, I took the day off to head down to Salem.  A close family friend passed away last weekend.  He was taken too soon, and the last 9 years he was very ill.  My heart is warmed by the fact that in those 9 years he did everything he wanted/needed to do, traveled the world, met his 5th grandchild, and lived FAR longer than expected.  Each of those bonus days was lived to it's fullest.  He will be missed by all that met him.

Since I was going to be in Salem for an unforeseen amount of time, I took Ollee with me and my parents, and she hung out in the car (getting mini walks throughout the day).  Here is a picture of her, trying to come over the seat to snuggle with my mom, who was in the back seat. It was her first time riding in the car with a passenger in that back.  Ollee didn't really know what to do with herself.  Someone was so close, and yet that seat sat between them.  She was caught many times with her cold nose against the back of my mom's neck!  LOL!

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  1. she is just to darn cute! ♥ her little face