Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day Eighteen: All Clean

As odd as this sounds, today, Ollee got her first real bath.  She's had "sponge" baths before, but never a full on bath.  She was pretty good while in it.  She even stayed in the tub when I told her to, so I could grab a towel.  So now she is all fluffy and soft.  My last dog had short lab-like hair.  Ollee has longer whispy, soft hair...so this is different.  Is it bad that I used Herbal Essences on her?  She smells yummy, and is silky soft :)  A friend of mine suggested using my shampoo...less harsh chemicals and leaves the fur nicer.  It really does leave her so soft and lovely!  Mental noting, baths will be happening lots, due to how nice she looks and feels :)

She also was vary naughty when I got home--wouldn't go potty after being inside all day.  She decided to run around the back yard like a crazy pups in the pouring rain--which I was standing in, waiting, for over a half hour!  So she's grounded tonight, and the reason for the bath is because she was SOOO muddy.  When I say grounded, I mean from attention.  Ignoring her works--that's all it takes.  So a picture may not be posted this evening, as she has come to love getting her picture taken...we shall see.

Alrighty, I took a quick picture on my photobooth with the colored pencil effect on...turned out kinda neat.

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