Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day Nineteen: "I Just Want to be Close to You"

I've said it a lot in just the last 19 days, but Ollee is a super snuggler.  If I'm on the couch she wants to be on me, on the couch.  If that can't happen, she's laying on my blanket tucked up against the couch.  If I'm standing in the kitchen she's sitting on my feet, leaning against my legs (when she gets bigger she'll be knocking me over)'s really never ending...I love it, the best is when she's got her front feet up, and she snuggles her head against me. 

Tonight was no exception.  The entire evening was filled with me telling her "Off," to get her to get those front feet off the couch.  This works only for the moment, because she's soon back up, giving me those sweet puppy dog eyes, tugging at my heart strings about how horrible it is on the floor, and if I loved her she'd be up with me--okay, it's just a look, but a lot can be read into that look!  I took a ton of pictures of her trying desperately to get up.  Not many turned out, since I was using my phone--and they are super grainy.

"Let me up"
"I'm already half way up, PLEASE"

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  1. really hard to resist those little paws and sweet eyes. Come on mooooom, lemme on the couch!