Monday, January 24, 2011

Day Twenty-Four: She's Won the Battle, But Not the War

Ollee and I are in a constant battle of her wanting despirately to come up on to the couch or the bed to snuggle, and me not wanting her to get into the habit of being on the furniture.  Tonight, Ollee's sweet snuggling nature and perseverance won out.  I allowed her up to snuggle--which is something she LOVES.  She just snuggles right up to you, and nuzzles you.  I love it!

"Come on, I'm super excited, and I love you"

"Please!!!  I'm a happy pup!"

"Look, now I'm down, and you can bring me up!  I got off like you said!"

"Mission accomplished!!  HA!  I won!!!"

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