Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Thirty-Three: Giraffe Obsession

It was suggested to me when I got Ollee that I rotate out her toys, then she will always be interested, and when the old ones come back into play, it'll be like they are brand new again.  I've been doing this, and though she knows exactly where her basket of toys is in the guest room, she still gets SO excited when I trade for "new" ones.  Currently Ellie the Elephant has been rotated out, and now Olls is obsessed with her giraffe toy.  She carries it around with her, wants to play fetch with it, and will even play fetch with other toys, while still carrying the giraffe around.  Tonight she even tried to pick up the other toy when she already had the giraffe in her mouth--it didn't work, but man did she try!

You can't totally see the giraffe in this one, but you can see her favorite way to carry the fellow around, by his scarf!!!

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