Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day Fifty-Five: First Snow Day

Since Miss Ollee is only 5 months old, she has not yet known the greatness of snow!  This morning, I got the call that my district is closed--a perk of being a teacher, you still get snow days, and so Olls and I went outside to check out why schools were closed.  Based on my yard, I don't get why we're closed, but Ollee was super excited to check out the dusting of snow that's on the deck!

I took a few videos too, though it doesn't show the initial excitement she had!

Once the "sun" came out, Olls and I headed out to play some more in the snow...

And true to form, schools closed due to fairly nothing...roads around here have been clear all day, and now, at noon, the snow is all but gone...but it gave me a chance to play with Olls in the snow :)
3:30p: And it's snowing again, and Ollee LOVED the big flakes coming down...check out this video, she's trying to catch the flakes in her mouth!

Whew that was a long entry...but snow is just so exciting!!!

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