Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day Forty-Three: An Amazing Vet

I met Dr. Horner last year, when Hays was very ill.  He helped me have 5+ wonderful bonus months with my sweet girl, when other vets would have looked at her test results and said there was no chance.  He believes in looking at the entire dog, not just the numbers on test results.  He loved Hays, and cried when I broke the news to him that I lost her.  Because of this, there is no other vet that I would take Ollee to.  Ollee just loves him.  As soon as he walks into the room she gets so excited.  She even likes him after he gives her shots. 

Here is Ollee with Dr. Horner

If you ever need a caring and wonderful vet, call Banfield Pet Hospital in Clackamas, and make sure to ask to see Dr. Horner!

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