Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day Forty-Seven: Warmth

With the cold weather, I am consistently finding Ollee sitting on or near heater vents.  You'd think with her thick fluffy fur she'd be warm.  She either sits in front of the back door with her head over the vent, while watching the backyard, or she's under my bed, where there is another vent.  It does get pretty toasty under there, since it's an enclosed space.  Tonight she was really into hiding.  First, I couldn't find her, and when I called, I heard a massive scuffle under the couch--I think she was fast asleep, because she didn't respond right away.  Then as soon as we came into the bedroom to go to bed, she disappeared.  When I looked for her, I saw that she had immediately slipped under the bed.  This is all I saw:

When I called for her, her tail disappeared, and her head popped out :)

I think she was ticked that I disturbed her!

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