Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day Sixty-Four: Loving the New Toy!

Today was Ollee's last round of vaccinations.  At the vet, she was weighed, and she's up to 33.8 pounds!  Since the vet is at PetSmart, we always wander through to see what new toys we could pick up....  Thanks to my Aussie friends, I discovered how much Olls loves the Kong Air Dog balls.  I was checking out the different shapes and sizes, thinking that though the one that was from Oz was still in working order (though missing all its green fuzz), she may enjoy another.  I found one that was in the shape of a bone and she hasn't put down since we got home.

Side Note: Yesterday I posted a picture that showed how long Ollee, I captured one that shows how squatty she is :)

Look at those short little legs!

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