Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Seventy-Five: Attached

Today was the first day of two 12 hour work days for conferences. Today ended up being a 14 hour day, because of a few that ran over...llloooonnnggg day.  I am a lucky girl, in that I have a wonderful pops that is willing to come over and let the pups out, and play with her to let out all that energy. Not sure what I would do with out him! Ollee's report was a good one, though jumping seemed to be a problem, and she piddled in her kennel, when she saw him--can't blame her, she got excited that there was a new person to hang out with, after holding it for quite awhile.

Anyway, the moment I walked through the door, Ollee hasn't left my side. She's not too interested in playing, she just wants attention, tons of attention.

She wouldn't even let me step away from her enough to get a picture, hence the close up nose shot!

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